Greenworks did an outstanding job removing a hazardous Oak tree from our yard. It towered over our garage and pool. Nothing was broken and the crew was professional.

Sandy, Temple Terrace

My husband and I have had such horrible luck with tree companies in the past and it was nice to see something different. Greenworks did a great job pruning our palm trees and oak trees. All leaves were removed from out pool also! I will save the business card and not call anyone else.

Lucille, St. Petersburg

Thanks for the awesome job on our landscape! It seemed like such hard work, and we can’t believe it is installed and how great it looks. You were correct about “curb appeal” since many neighbors have stopped by to see the yard. The Gardenias smell great.

David & Lisa, Clearwater

Now we know what a “Certified Arborist” is. Three other “tree companies” came over and said we should remove our large Pine tree ASAP. None of them knew what kind of pine tree it was or what was killing it. They just wanted to cut it down and get paid. Jason took time to explain that it was a “Sand” pine and what was causing the decline. He was professional and had paperwork and links to back him. It’s been almost a year and the tree looks much better. Green leaves, no dead wood. Thank you!

Kyle, New Suburb Beautiful

I was impressed from the get go at how professional and courteous Greenworks was. You showed up for appt on time and were thorough in your consultation of my oaks, pines, and palm trees. I’ve never thought about how important the soil is in my yard. I noticed the crew cleaned up after themselves all three days they were here. Nice work!

Sam, Tampa

Jason from Greenworks, Inc., was so helpful with all his tree service! He not only trimmed my ‘good’ trees, removed the invasive species of trees and did all of the stump grinding, he advised me on xeriscaping my yard, to include native Florida groundcovers and plants that will help reduce watering and conserve precious natural resources.

Denise, Tampa

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